Frequently Asked Questions for Heatwave

non smoking

I have gotten questions about what the hotel has and does not have……their gift shop has most all of your needs covered. Snacks , mints, gun, candy, water, juices but NO CIGARETTES because the entire building is non smoking!!! You must smoke outside. (POT TOO – OUTSIDE).

And BYOC. Bring Your Own Cigarettes for 24 hours. There is a gas station, down the street, if you run out.

Other than that, the complex has several food options, salads, sandwiches, quite a lot of food to choose from, Starbucks Coffee, muffins, cookies, fresh fudge and sweets, breakfast sandwiches, Pizza all night long delivered to your room. Champagne Gospel Brunch with Champagne, food and show the next day for $30 or a smaller mini brunch will be available as well.



steamworks chicago

Frequently asked question :

If I am in a bathing suit for 9 hours where do I put my money/credit card/phone?


Steamworks has graciously donated these cool blue waterproof satchels with a string – to be worn around the neck, around the waist, around the arm – where ever! How cool is that?!


FYI – this complex is HUGE and you may find yourself leaving the pool area, walking around to get a bite to eat, drink, maybe go to the arcade, or maybe go to your room for a swim suit change!

Consider bringing slip on sandals or flip flops perhaps.  You might also take a tank top  or T shirt  to the pool.  But you are welcome to walk around the entire building in your swimsuit  if you want to.


There will be bars EVERYWHERE! And drinking is allowed at the pool!



The waterpark uses  clear inter tubes for insurance reasons.

Outside inflatables



You can have inflatable toys  near your chairs or tables, to decorate your area.

But the ARE NOT allowed in the water.

Lifeguards must be able to

see the water at all times.

China heat


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